Haunted house

Last Halloween there was three children there was a girl called Neenah who was 8 and was dressed as a scary witch. There was a boy called tom who was 9 and was dressed as a very scary zombie. Last there was another boy called mark who was 7 and was dressed as a scary skeleton. They were all brothers and sisters and they lived in the most popular place for trick-a-treating so they were very lucky. The reason there street was most popular was because it was one of the biggest streets in there country. After school on Halloween they went up there attic to get the Halloween decorations down then they had to go decorate the house after they decorated the house it was time to have dinner. After dinner they watched tv and had a power nap. After there power nap it was time to get dressed. Once they were dressed they went trick or treating they had great fun but when they went to the last door a scary tall man answerd the door and chased them back home. When they ran all the way back home the man stood at the end of the lawn but when they went to open the door it was locked they tried all of the doors they were all locked . after a while they all held hands in a circle and they got transported to a big hall with some fruit and water but when they turned around they seen the man luckily there mum walked in and took them to there house and put them to bed when they woke up in the morning it was time for school and they had forgot all about it.
The end