Magical Mirror

Long long ago there was two girls who when they grew up they were locked up in a basement with food in a cupboard to feed them until they died. They were locked in the basement all by there self’s. They had two beds a couch and a mirror. One day they were just sitting on the couch reading the only book they had and they got zapped into the mirror. The mirror took them on two time travel adventures. There first adventure took them to the future they were at school and everything was electrical even the teacher she was a robot. They seen thereselfs and they had lots of friends they had so much fun but next up it was time to go to the past. When they went to the past every one was slaves and got treated very badly when they seen there self’s they were getting thrown into a basement by a big tall scary man witch happened to be there dad. they went into the basement they got thrown in walked throw the mirror and went back to the present but when they landed they were with there mum and they all lived happily ever after.

The end