The Grumpy Frog

once upon a time there was a grumpy old frog who lived in a old cottage. one day he went to the shops and when he was paying the shop man said " I'm sorry but your card has ran out of money " then the frog got very angry and said " well how am I going to pay then you know the sky doesn't rain money oh and what am I going to eat " the shop man said "well you can get it for free but you will have to pay us back." he went home and thought wait I have already got food then he said ok ill just throw all of this new food in the garbage can. it was time for bed because he had work tomorrow he thought every body liked him so he was just very mean because of him thinking that everybody liked him he thought it was ok but actually nobody liked him in the first place. the next day at work he was late because he slept in he got away with it because his manager was so kind but he didn't like his manager so for no reason he started shouting and attacking his manager after this his manager said "right that's no pay for you!"
the frog thought but I need money so he went beck up to his manager and said " I need my money!!!!!!" well he didn't say it he shouted and screamed it the manager said right that's it your fired!!!.he thought that what had he done wrong he had no idea that people didn't like him being grumpy with them he thought they liked him being grumpy so he went home to think about it. the next day he thought that he would be kind and try find a new job he wanted to be a banker so he went in and for some reason when he went in he got his interview strait away. he was so kind and nice at his interview he got the job he said to his manager thank you for giving me the job and he was nice to everyone else aswell so everyone did like him for real this time. he also started being vey kind out in the streets and the towns he seen a little girl and a boy stole her sweets so the frog gave her his sweets, he was at the park and a man was walking his dog the dog ran and the man fell over and let go of the lead so the frog ran and cached the dog then helped the man up.
that night he went home and called his mum, dad, sister and brother over for dinner they were all shocked in how nice he was he cooked the dinner this time because usually they don't get invited they need to turn up there self's and bring there old food they hated the old frog now they love the new frog the frog had a very happy life.
And they all lived happily ever after.
the end