The tooth fairy that lost its wand

There once was a girl who was the head of tooth fairies. She wore a red dress and white shoes she was very pretty and was not mean. She could not do anything a tooth fairy can do without her wand.
One day she was flying to a house and her wand fell out her hand and flew away. She fell down after it but it wasn’t there. She then started to cry on the long tall grass. It was even harder to find because it was night time so she just started to walk home. When she was walking home bob came up to her bob was also a tooth fairy. She told bob what had happened then it was morning and the daylight was here again so it was time to find her wand. Bob said he would help so they both went back into the forest where she said she had dropped it. They looked and looked but they couldn’t see. Then they saw a bear. They went up to the bear but surprisingly the bear was very kind. The bear took them to his house and said would you like a cup of tea and a ginger bread man. They said yes. Once they had finished they went through to the kitchen and in the bears cupboard she seen her wand it was the happiest moment of her life. She flew back home in joyfulness. And they all lived happily ever after.
The end